Michah Gottlieb

Associate Professor of Hebrew and Judaic Studies

Indiana University, PhD 2003; New York University, MA 1997

Office: 53 Washington Square South, Room 207

Phone: (212)998-8983

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Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

Modern Jewish Thought and Philosophy

Select Publications


Jewish Protestantism: Translation and The Turn to the Bible in German Judaism (under contract, Oxford University Press)
Reconsidering Moses Mendelssohn: New Perspectives on Enlightenment, Religion, and Politics (University of Maryland Press, co-editor with Charles Manekin, in press)
Faith, Reason, Politics: Essays on the History of Jewish Thought (Academic Studies Press, 2013)
Faith and Freedom: Moses Mendelssohn’s Theological-Political Thought (Oxford University Press, 2011)


“Oral Letter and Written Trace: Samson Raphael Hirsch’s Defense of the Bible and Talmud”, forthcoming, Jewish Quarterly Review
“The Limits of Liberty: Baruch Spinoza and Moses Mendelssohn on Censorship” in Moses Mendelssohn: New Perspectives (eds. M. Gottlieb and C. Manekin), in press.
“Moses Mendelssohn’s Religious Humanism” in Contention, Controversy and Change:  Evolutions and Revolutions in the Jewish Experience (eds. Simcha Fishbane and Eric Levene), in press.
“The Jewish Bible on the Eve of Modernity” in The Book of Books: Biblical Canon, Dissemination and Its People (eds. L. Schiffman, Jerry Pattengale, Filip Vukosavovic), 2013
 “Leo Strauss on Lessing’s Spinozism,” in Festschrift for Paul Mendes-Flohr (eds. C. Wiese and M. Urban), 2012
“Moses Mendelssohn and the Project of Modern Jewish Philosophy” in Moses Mendelssohn: Writings on Judaism, Christianity, and the Bible (ed. M. Gottlieb), 2011
“Between Judaism and German Enlightenment: Recent Work on Moses Mendelssohn in English” Religion Compass, 2010 (16 pages)
“Aesthetics and the Infinite: Moses Mendelssohn on the Poetics of Biblical Prophecy” in New Directions in Jewish Philosophy, (eds. Elliot Wolfson and Aaron Hughes), 2010 (27 pages)
“Counter-Enlightenment in a Jewish Key: Anti-Maimonideanism in Nineteenth Century Neo-Orthodoxy” in The Cultures of Maimonideanism, (ed. James Robinson), 2009 (28 pages)
“Mysticism and Philosophy” in Cambridge History of Jewish Philosophy: From Antiquity Through the Seventeenth Century, 2009 (43 pages).
“Publishing the Moses Mendelssohn Jubiläumsausgabe in Weimar and Nazi Germany” Leo Baeck Institute Yearbook, 2008 (18 pages)
 “Spinoza’s Method(s) of Biblical Interpretation Reconsidered” Jewish Studies Quarterly, 2007, (31 pages).
“Mendelssohn’s Metaphysical Defense of Religious Pluralism” The Journal of Religion, 2006,  (20 pages)



Tikvah Research Fellow at Princeton University (2010-2011); Fellow at the NYU Humanities Initiative (2009-2010); Yad Hanadiv Fellowship at Hebrew University (2006-2007)