Majors and Minors in Hebrew & Judaic Studies

To declare a major or minor in Hebrew & Judaic Studies, please print out and fill in the appropriate form from below and set up a meeting with the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUGS) to obtain a signature of approval.  Please contact Ryan Grubbs, Department Assistant, with all general inquiries.


A major in Hebrew and Judaic Studies requires a minimum of 36 credits. At least one course must be completed in each of four chronological divisions: 1) biblical, 2) ancient/rabbinic, 3) medieval, and 4) modern. Students must also demonstrate proficiency in Hebrew language equivalent to Intermediate Hebrew II. A minimum of twenty credits must be taken in residence at NYU (includes study at NYU Global Academic Centers). Only one class may be double-counted toward another major or minor.
Declaration of Major Form

A minor in Hebrew and Judaic Studies requires the completion of 16 credits from the department offerings. All Hebrew courses may be counted toward the minor. A minimum of eight credits must be taken in residence at NYU (includes study at NYU Global Academic Centers). Only one course may be double-counted toward another major or minor.
Declaration of Minor Form


Department Assistant (Undergrad Admin)
Ryan Grubbs

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Prof. Daniel Fleming

Director of the Hebrew Language Program
Prof. Rosalie Kamelhar

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept the Jerusalem Exam for credit towards the major/minor?
No.  If you receive a 75 or above, the college grants you 8 elective credits, but these do not count toward the major or minor.
Contact your college advising office to inquire about how to receive elective credit toward your degree.

I am double-majoring with another department. Can I double count courses?
You may double count one course (4 credits) towards either another major or minor.

Can my transfer credits from another university count towards the major/minor?
The department will only accept transfer credits that have first been approved by your college (i.e. CAS, Steinhardt, LS, etc). You may transfer a maximum of 8 credits toward the minor or 16 credits toward the major. Please bring a copy of your transcript from any non-NYU institution with you to your initial meeting with the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Where can I find a list of the current course offerings?
The most accurate list of course offerings can be found in Albert. The department also posts current course offerings on the Undergraduate page.

Can I take an independent study in the Hebrew and Judaic Studies department?
Independent studies may only be taken in special circumstances, typically when a student has already taken a course with a professor and wishes to pursue a topic covered in that course in greater depth. The independent study must be approved by the advising faculty member.  Independent Studies can be taken for 1-4 credits.  Please submit a completed and signed Independent Study Agreement Form to the HJS Department Assistant in order to receive a permission code to register on Albert. 

I am a student in a school other than CAS. Do I need to do any special paperwork to declare my major or minor?
Yes, you will need to share your signed major or minor declaration form with your advisor in your home school so that they can add Hebrew & Judaic Studies to your academic record on Albert.

Can I receive transfer credit from a Yeshivah program?
No, only credits from universities are recognized.

Can I spend a semester or year abroad and earn major or minor credit? 
Yes, you can.  All courses must be pre-approved by the DUGS.  You may transfer a maximum of 16 credits toward the major and 8 credits towards the minor. 

Do courses at NYU Tel Aviv count towards the major or minor? Is there a limit on how many I can count towards the major or minor?
Yes.  Applicable courses taken at NYU Tel Aviv (and approved by the DUGS) count towards the major and minor.  There are no limits on how many courses you can count towards the major or minor, as NYU Tel Aviv is an NYU Global Academic Center.

Which CORE (formerly MAP) courses can be counted towards the major/minor?
CORE-UA 514, "World Cultures: Ancient Israel," and CORE-UA 537, "World Cultures: Modern Israel"

How long does it take for my major/minor to show up on Albert?
Processing time is typically 2-3 weeks. 

Does my Hebrew & Judaic Studies major or minor exempt me from the CORE Expressive Cultures requirement?
The CORE Expressive Cultures requirement is a College requirement, and the department does not have authority to waive this requirement for you. For questions about the specifics of what counts towards waiving this requirement, please speak with CAS Advising or the CORE Office for more information.